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Answers To Your Burning Questions

What Would You Like to Know?


Is there a fee for an in-home consultation?

There is no fee for our initial one hour in-home consultation. We provide an estimate for decluttering, packing and unpacking services following that visit to your home.

How long does it usually take to declutter?

Typically we spend between 10 -30 hours decluttering a home, but it depends on how many spaces we are tackling and how much you are getting rid of. We can give you an estimate of time and cost once we have the initial in-home consultation.

How long does it take to pack a house? Pack a condo?

We like to get you packed in 1 day regardless of size. Therefore we book as many team members as needed to accomplish that goal. However, if you have a very large home, and/or a large volume of items we may need to book 2 days to pack.

Who does the decluttering?

We provide you with a team of professional organizers (from 1 to 6) depending on the size of the job, and your required time-frame. The members of this team will also be your packing/unpacking team.

Do you provide the packing supplies?

We provide all the packing supplies – we simply add the cost to your invoice. We have a good relationship with a moving store and we pass on our professional discount to you.

Do you take away items being donated to charity?

We ensure that all items you donate are mindfully donated – we book our removal partner (Good Moves Transportation) to do a pick-up of these items and a drop off at the charity of your choice.

Do you take away garbage, recycling and toxic items?

We have a specialized removal company that will pick up all items going to a transfer station for garbage, recycling or toxic disposal.

Do you pack art and sculptures?

Yes we do. We carefully pack your artwork and sculptures.  Any pieces that are of great value monetarily or otherwise we may suggest a company we partner with, that specializes in crating/packing art and sculptures.

Do you take all the boxes and packing supplies away at the end of the day?

Yes we do. It’s a favourite part of our service. At the end of your unpack day all your packing supplies are removed by our moving partner from your new home and taken to a recycling depot.

Do you disconnect electronic (i.e. flat screen tv, computer) cords and reconnect at the new place?

Yes we do. We carefully label your cords when disconnecting for easy reconnection at your new place.

Do you space plan?

Yes we do. We work with you to ensure that the furniture you are taking to your new home will fit in the right room and suggest the best placement for it.

Do you remove TV’s from walls and re-mount them at the new place?

We have partnerships with assembly and installation specialists that will remove wall mounted TVs and remounted in your new home.

Do you hang pictures?

We have partnered with an organization that specializes in hanging pictures. We can help coordinate a post move appointment where the placement of all your pictures and mirrors can be arranged.

Do you disassemble furniture and make sure that is reassembled?

We have partners who disassembles and reassembles furniture on move day.

Do you have trades and resources that you know and trust?

Yes we do. From house cleaners, to storage companies, to assembly companies, to handymen, to picture hangers - we know great people who will make sure every detail of your move is looked after.

How many hours do you usually work each day when in a client's home?

Ideally we plan to spend 7 hours in your home when we are packing; 9 hours when we are unpacking.

Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured.

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