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We’re famous for being flexible,

so pick and choose what services suit you best!

Our Services: Services
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Decluttering/ Pre-Staging Prep

Decluttering with a professional organizer allows you to pare down in a meaningful way before you move, and helps reduce the cost of your final move.
We carefully pre-pack and label all items going into storage so that your home can be staged or emptied for sale.

Here's how it works:

  • One on one support to identify what you no longer want in your life.

  •  Facilitate removal of items by category i.e. charitable donation, rubbish removal, recycle, shred or sell.

  •  Identify items to remove for staging.

  •  Pack and label boxes (supplies provided), and tag furniture being stored while your home is for sale.

Imagine the freedom you’ll feel by decluttering before you move!


Mindful Packing

We pack differently than moving companies - we pack mindfully, with purpose.

We take care with your belongings and logically customize packing and labelling based on who is unpacking you, and when.

Here’s how it works:

  •  Discuss a game plan for proper room labelling of boxes for ease on moving day.

  •  Ensure food & personal items required from packing to moving day, are left out.

  • Mindfully pack (supplies provided) and label all packing boxes.

  • Tag furniture for placement in new home.

Imagine the relief of having your entire home packed up for you!


Organized UnPacking

At Stress Free Move Management, we don’t just unpack, we  put everything away in an organized fashion.

Here’s how it works:

  • Ensure boxes and furniture are in the right rooms.

  • Consult as to set-up & usage of all cupboards, drawers, closets & shelves.

  • Carefully unpack all boxes and put items away.

  • Collaborate with trades from furniture assembly to picture hanging.

  • Remove and dispose of all packing supplies.

Imagine enjoying your new home completely unpacked and well functioning - not a box in sight!


Move Day Management

On moving day, we oversee your entire move at your old and new home, as needed.  

A move manager is a senior member of your packing team who is dedicated to assuring that your move day runs smoothly and efficiently.


Here's how it works:

  • Collaborate with movers to ensure a successful vacate of your old home.

  • Front door direction ensures boxes and furniture are properly distributed.

  • Co-ordinate with installers and trades so everything is in working order.

  • Set up beds, bathrooms and fridges for overnight use pre unpacking day.

Imagine how much time, money & frustration you’ll save by having a trusted move manager handle your big day!

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