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We have found that every client project is unique, so we will provide you with a personalized quote based on your specific circumstances and needs.

Here are some examples of recently completed projects.

Pricing: Projects

Decluttering/Paring down

Whether you need help with one room, the garage/storage unit, or your the entire home house, we’ll help you pare down to get ready to sell and make sure you only take what you want with you. Remember, decluttering increases the value of your home, gets it sold faster and saves you money on moving costs.

Decluttering and packing up unnecessary items so that you showcase your home to prospective buyers.

  • 2 bedroom condo: 1 to 2 Team members for 1 day- $475- $675

  • 3 bedroom home: 2 Team members for 2 days - $1350

  • 4 bedroom home: 3 Team members for 3 days $2775

messyliving room.jpg

Mindful Packing

Mindful, because we think about what we are packing and where it is going in your new home before it goes in a box.  We consult with you to ensure that moving day and unpacking is as efficient as possible.

Careful packing and labelling with the right materials using cardboard boxes or plastic bins. ​

  • 2 bedroom condo: 3 Team members for 1 day - $1295

  • 3 bedroom home: 5 Team members for 1 day - $1995

  • 4 bedroom home:  6 Team members for 1 day - $2,680

  • 5 bedroom home: 7 Team members for 2 days - $5,390


Organized Unpacking and Setting Up

Careful unpacking and putting things away in an organized fashion. Removal of all boxes and packing supplies.

  • 2 bedroom condo: 3 Team members for 1 day - $1665

  • 3 bedroom home: 5 Team members for 1 day - $1765

  • 4 bedroom home:  6 Team members for 1 day - $3350

  • 5 bedroom home: 7 Team members for 2 days - $6930


Move Day Management

On-site co-ordinating (move-in and/or move-out) on move day. Making sure furniture and boxes are placed in the right room, in the right place – ready for unpack day.

  • $1000 - $1500


All price are approximates, true estimates are given following a complimentary consultation in your home.


These prices do not include packing supplies or delivery charges.

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