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Testimonials: Testimonials

“ We are a family that has moved a great deal and this has been by far our best moving experience. Having a team of motivated and thoughtful women do the packing AND unpacking made all the difference. We highly recommend Susannah and her team”   A.M.

“Susannah and her team packed us very professionally in a day, and Hakan and his movers were very helpful and efficient on moving day. Can’t thank you enough!”  K.T.

“We were so overwhelmed by all the stuff and decisions at our house of 30 yrs we couldn’t even move into our new condo. Susannah helped my wife and I declutter separately (which helped our marriage), with patience and efficiency (which saved our sanity). She made everything we didn’t want disappear, gave us a moving deadline, co-ordinated all the move details with her movers, and brought in a team of very organized women to pack up the house. Honestly without her we’d probably still be paying for 2 homes. We can’t thank you enough Susannah for allowing us to move on with our lives." D.S.

“Thanks a ton to you and your team!!! Much appreciation and again thanks a bunch for everything, we never could have moved without you!" M. D.

“Thank you Susannah for sending out your packing team on very short notice – we thought we could do the packing ourselves but boy were we wrong. The ladies were professional, patient and hard working – bringing all the supplies and staying with us until the job was over - what a life saver.” A. R.

“Susannah has packed and unpacked me 3 times now, it’s been such a relief to call her and know she will just look after it all, and I don’t have to worry about anything.” S. M.

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